Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine Fabric Wreath

Can you say "Valentine's Day" or "New Baby Girl"??? I had a straw wreath lying around my craft room looking all lonely and naked so I raided my fabric cupboard in search of pinks, whites and fuchsias. I didn't have any fuchsia so I headed on down to the Dollar Store. SUCCESS! I found these cheap little fuchsia tulle dress-up skirts in the kid's section. They even had little rhinestones glued to the skirt.

Here you can see some of the fabrics and textures. Fuchsia and pink tulle, white tulle, pink satin, a swiss dot, and a sweet girlie calico. Vary the shades of pink as well as the prints (bigger, busier prints vs. simple, "open" prints). It looks great when they all come together!

I cut approximately 4" squares out of each of the fabrics using pinking shears. Then came the part that gives the palm of your hand a workout. Poke the fabric into the straw wreath using a small screwdriver (right side of fabric facing you so when it's poked in you it folds up and you see the right side of the fabric). I actually put a dot of hot glue at the tip before poking it in for added holding power.

Keep poking until the front and sides of the wreath are filled in. You don't have to insert the squares right next to each other. Once inserted the fabric spreads out at the top which provides coverage. To finish it off I used a pink satin ribbon to make a hanger.

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