Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Twas the Night Before Precept"

I've been teaching a Precept Upon Precept Bible study on Revelation for the past year and a half. Next week we will begin Part 4, the final installment. It's hard to believe that by the time we are done we will have spent two years on one book of the Bible! It has been an amazing experience. For the last class before the holidays I decided to write my own version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Twas the Night Before Precept

'Twas the night before Precept
Laundry, homework begun.
Days Three, Four and Five
Were still left to be done.

Colored pencils lined up
On the table with care,
In hopes that some study
Would soon go on there.

The children competing,
Playing games on the Wii,
While my husband watched football,
Green Bay vs. the Chiefs.

I poured me some coffee,
Got a tasty snack,
Settled into my chair,
Put my things in a stack.

Observation worksheets,
A commentary book,
Booted up the Bible
Downloaded on my Nook.

I began asking questions,
"Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?"
The truths I discovered
Made me, out loud, shout, "Wow!"

Because in that very first verse
I observed, took apart,
God's Word came alive,
Went deep into my heart.

I read and I saw things
I'd never noticed before,
Because I was usually in a hurry
To get out the door.

I had no idea
That I was missing so much
Of what God wanted to teach me
From His amazing Book.

So I will keep studying,
Do my best and work hard,
Because the Messiah is worthy.
His hands bear the scars.

When the Lamb's book of life
Is opened that day
I'll know it was worth it
To study this way.
     Kristin Pearson

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