Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pasta Garland

Here's a great holiday decorating project to do with little ones. I made these pasta garlands with my daughter about 9-10 years ago and they have survived remarkably well. The spray paint must have really strengthened the pasta because very few pieces have broken over the years.

I chose Rigatoni and wheel shaped pasta for my garland but there are so many shapes to choose from. Pick one you like. I spray painted the rigatoni with gold paint and chose traditional jewel tones for the wheels. I think the spray paint even had glitter in it. Spray paint one side of the pasta, wait until it dries, then flip the pasta over and spray paint the other side. I bought a gold string at my local fabric store to string the pasta. Tie a knot in one end and start adding the pieces. When you get close to the end of the string or decide its long enough, tie off with another knot. So simple, so easy!

Because of the variations in pasta and colors, you can really get creative. You could spray paint rigatoni in white and red, then alternate them on a white string to make a candy cane stripe. You could even spray paint pasta in black/orange and make a garland for Halloween. How about pastels for Easter?! See what I mean? Go crazy!

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Jennifer said...

I like this idea and will try it with my daughters, who are 2 and 5. We will probably dye the pasta instead of spray painting it, so it may or may not hold up as well as yours did :-)