Monday, October 27, 2014

Jungle Safari VBS

Aaaaahhhh.......aaahhhh, aahhhhh, ahhhhh......aaahhhhhhh! (That's my best Tarzan yell, in case you were wondering.) Jungle Safari VBS at Northside Christian Church was wild this year. The stage seemed to be overgrown with vines, trees, and colorful flowers. We even had an active volcano that erupted on the last night! The stage could even glow in the dark through the use of special paint and black light. The Bible characters are based on the curriculum, but the drama scripts are original. The characters searched all week for a hidden treasure, encountering the symbol for each night as they looked. 

Construction materials: The vines, leaves, rocks and volcano were all made of paper. The bushes and "rock tower" were constructed from styrofoam.

 The Grand Finale of the week was the eruption of the volcano and an explosion of confetti cannons!
 The Grand Finale of the week was an explosion of confetti cannons and the eruption of the volcano!

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Mel said...

This is AMAZING!How did you do the cross???